General Outline

Gusmitta & Associati is an Italian legal and tax professional firm consis­ting of 50 people, including professionals and staff, providing services to both domestic and foreign clients. The firm’s office is located in Milan and has connections with other firms in Italy and abroad in order to provide clients with a broad assistance in every sector and geographic area that the business is established.
Gusmitta & Associati was founded in 1954 and has been operating in Milan in the tax and corporate consulting field for three generations, and for more than 55 years. In 1999 the legal branch of our firm merged with Studio Legale Pallante, a law firm founded in 1933, forming Studio Legale Gusmitta & Pallante that now operates in our Milan office in close collaboration with our firm.
The scope of our profession in Italy (Commercialisti) has evolved over the years. Initially conceived as tax advisors, the Commercialisti now take care of assistance in preparing agreements, dealing with acquisitions of target businesses and tax litigations. Along with the legal aspects of a transaction, the local and international tax implications currently have so high an importance that it is difficult to divide the traditional lawyer’s and tax expert’s activity. In other words the Commercialisti can now be regarded as the true corporate advisor in most stages of the company’s life.